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Shine a light on your organization's projects in just 5 days
with our Collaborative Portfolio Management Solution


view of your portfolio to get reliable data in real time


stakeholder access
to project and task data


higher profitability by integrating proven best practices

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Get a grip on your portfolio
Accelerate decision-making, coordinate project teams

Drive decisions with reliable,
real-time data

Live dashboard and reports give you a consolidated view of planning, cost and deliverables across your organization.

Plan and execute projects
on a single platform

Our fully integrated work management suite includes all the tools you need to ensure on-time delivery - Gantt charts, roadmaps, Kanban, Stage-Gate, and more.

Cultivate strong project
management culture

Unify all stakeholders, from beginner to expert, on a collaborative solution built on industry best practices

Grow your organization's
PPM maturity

Our progressive ramp-up strategy levels up your processes and integrates the full portfolio lifecycle.


Our 5-day Program for a real-time project portfolio monitoring

Step 1: Assess your organization's maturity & expectations 


What is the objective?

The primary objective of our 5-day program is to deliver rapid benefits that engage all project stakeholders. To achieve this, we must first define the context and critera for success: Who are the primary users? What are their expectations and project management maturity? How can we measure  benefits and the user adoption? 

How does Planisware assist?

We perform a full maturity assessment of your organization, informed by 20+ years' experience as a leader in PPM. This assessment, which consists of 50 questions across 10 key analysis axes, helps us to recommend pre-configured adaptations, fine-tune onboarding, and ensure a successful launch and lasting value at your organization.

Step 2: Build project and portfolio reporting


How to manage my project reviews

See how Max communicates with project managers to get reliable project data for his monthly project review meetings.


What is the objective?

The goal of this step is to understand your reporting process, and the indicators you rely upon to inform strategic decisions. 

How does Planisware assist?

We provide out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that rapidly structure the data you collect from project teams.

Using pre-structured flash reports, project managers can instantly generate PDF and Powerpoint slides for management.

Step 3: Choose your project execution method


Planisware Orchestra Demo: Project Execution

See how Planisware Orchestra collaborative boards and plannings will drive your projects forward

LIVE DEMO | 27:53

What is the objective?

To ensure project data remains up to date, we need your project team to adopt the platform for their day-to-day planning. It is critical that the solution fully support your team's execution needs. In this step, we identify the project methodology that best aligns with your team's working style.

How does Planisware assist?

Our expert team will guide you through a review of the different methodologies: waterfall, boards, hybrid and stage-gate. Depending on your objective, we will adapt the workshops to create project templates with the appropriate planning mode and deliverables. The templates will include all information required for project and portfolio reporting (KPIs, project progress, budgeted cost, expenses...).


Step 4: Hypercare service to accelerate user adoption


Managing a team spread across the globe using Planisware Orchestra

The mode of operation at Essilor is transversal, meaning it requires collaboration between a large number of users.


What is the objective?

Once the project management platform is live, we work with you to ensure that the solutions meets user expectations, boosts productivity, and achieves business outcomes.

How does Planisware assist?

We organize weekly meeting with you to monitor usage and assess potential adaptations. Our expert team provides you with tips and tricks to manage change across your team, and to cultivate project management best practices.



Trusted by 250 clients worldwide and 40,000+ users...


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